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Since 1987, a committed group of local community members has been working hard to build a continuous path from Warren to Moretown. Mad River Path’s vision for the Path follows the Mad River as closely as possible, while also accessing commercial centers and schools. It encourages connection with the Mad River and the incredible natural and historic assets that surround us. The current sections of the Path are a valued community resource—bicyclists, walkers, cross country skiers, snowshoers, runners, and even commuters and children walking to school, enjoy the Path every day.

Mad River Path continues to build partnerships with community members. Towns, landowners, businesses and schools are integral to our goal of completing the Path. Mad River Path does not use eminent domain to complete the Path. Rather, our goal is to collaborate with willing landowners who desire to work with us to complete and permanently protect the path for the community and future generations.

Our Landowner Protection Package provides landowners with information about how to permanently protect the Path, information about the Mad River Path’s liability insurance, which protects landowners who host the Path, as well as additional information from the state under 12 V.S.A. Section 5791, which also protects landowners who allow free public access to their land and water for recreation. If you’re interested in hosting the Path on your land, please contact us at 496-7284 or by email at

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Sample Trail Easement
Text of Vermont’s Landowner Liability Law (12 VSA Ch. 203)

Path Dog Policy

The Mad River Path is made possible by the generosity of private landowners who agree to host the trail on their land. Landowners have requested that Mad River Path require that dogs be leashed on the Path. In addition, all towns in the Mad River Valley have dog ordinances that require dogs to be leashed or under direct voice command of the owner. No dogs are allowed to “run at large” unless they are on a consenting landowner’s property. Mad River Path’ dog policy is meant to protect dogs, dog owners, other Path users and all of our participating landowners. Please respect the landowners who make the Path possible for the entire community.