Why MAD DASH-ERS love to DASH! 2017 Mad Dash will be held Sunday, October 8 at 10 AM

09 21 2017


For 22 years, the Mad Dash has attracted all kinds of runners and walkers. There are young and old, competitive and comfortably paced, baby stroller pushers and amblers. The reasons people “Dash” are as varied as the participants, but they all agree on one thing. The Mad Dash is a “don’t miss it” day, the Valley’s iconic community event of the fall foliage season.

This year’s Dash, sponsored by Sugarbush, takes place at 10 a.m., Sunday, Oct. 8 on Meadow Road in Waitsfield and all are invited to preregister for the 10 & 5K foot race, the 5K fitness walk and the free Blue Cross Blue Shield Kids Fun Run. Pre-register at www.madriverpath.com and click on Mad Dash.

Below are reasons why people love to Dash:

Terry Kellogg, Waitsfield, participating on and off for 10 years. (PHOTO)
• Favorite Race: The last race was with my dad; the first I did with my daughter, Nina and my son, Carl. I run mostly for family fun.
• Part of the course do you particularly enjoy? The energy at the start and finish lines, plus the part under the tent with all the smiles and goodies.
• Most appealing aspect of the Dash? Seeing so many Valley faces all in one place.
• Why you Dash: Especially having shared such highs and lows together at the Dash… it now feels like an even deeper part of the fabric of our community.
• Thoughts on the Mad River Path: So excited to see the vision of greater interconnectivity come to fruition…Let’s make it happen!

Luke Groom, age 14 of Warren, Harwood student, 6 year Dash participant (PHOTO)
• Your race: The 5K. In 2013 I got first place the youth category.
• Favorite part of the course: My favorite part of the course is when we got past the pumpkin farm because sometimes the cows run with us!
• Part of the event that most appeals to you? The food…because, it’s food.

Isabel Jamieson, age 19 of Waitsfield, 10-year Dash veteran, Harwood student
• Race of choice: I’ve always done the 5K but am considering the 10K this year. I think I placed first for women under 19 two years ago and maybe women overall.
• Best part of the course: I love the finish and just seeing everyone I know from around the Valley cheering you into the end of the race.
• Why do you do the Mad Dash? It’s an incredible event. The whole community is there – young and old. I’ve been doing it forever. Each year I come back and remember how much fun I have. It will be a tough weekend for many of us in the Valley but I know we can always count on each other to cheer each other on when the going gets tough. I can’t wait to run this year!

Joe Robinson, Warren, 8-year Dash participant
• Your first Mad Dash? I have greatly enjoyed the race over the years. 2009 was the first year I participated. I remember the race especially because I beat Sam Nishi by a few seconds. Admittedly, Sam was only 12-years-old at the time…He later went on to become the fastest runner in Harwood Union’s history.
• Best race: My best year at the Mad Dash was 2011 when I placed 1st in my age group and 9th overall with a time of 20:33.
• Favorite Dash memory: Last year’s Dash was memorable because I got to run with students from a running group we formed at Waitsfield Elementary School. We called ourselves The Mad Valley Runners.
• Do you use the Mad River Path? The Mad Valley Runners make regular use of the fabulous network of trails provided by the Mad River Path Association.
• What do you love about the Dash? It’s location and its family-friendly vibe. My wife, Marcie, and my daughter, Katie, have enjoyed the 5K walk and the little kids race is so much fun to watch!

Lori Klein, Warren, 5K fitness walk, 1-year Dash participant
• First Mad Dash? Last year was my first year.
• How was it? It was fun walking the beautiful dirt roads and meeting up with friends. Also, there was great food!
• Why do you Dash? Exercise, friends, food, good cause and hopefully good weather!
• Have you registered for this year? Yes!

Rudy Polwin, 35, Waitsfield, Mad River Path Association Board member (PHOTO)
• First Mad Dash? My first race was in 2013. I do my best to make it annually. In 2016 I was able to provide business sponsorship for the event.
• Which race? I always sign up for the 5K. The best I’ve ever finished was 26th, right behind a group of young children who passed me effortlessly approaching the finish line.
• Part of the course you especially enjoy? The course is beautiful. My favorite spot is the turn-around point at the halfway mark. I tell myself, “Well, you made it this far, now it’s all down hill from here (almost).”
• Why you do the Dash? The cross section of people who participate. You have every type, from the serious cross-country runner, to the young family pushing a stroller, to those who have retired in their running shoes for canes and wheel chairs. No matter what your ability is, it always makes you feel good when you cross the finish line.
• Why did you join the Mad River Path Association Board? I became a MRP board member to help promote outdoor recreation, exercise and improve the quality of life for Valley residents and visitors.
• As an event sponsor, what qualities of the event appeal to you? When I previously sponsored the event it was because I believe in investing in things that matter. Getting together with community members to celebrate a place that we all love, to spend time being active in nature, and building relationships is truly a great thing.

Joe Grant, Warren, 10K, 22-year Mad Dash participant (PHOTO)
• How long have you participated in the Dash? Running or sponsoring since Day 1.
• Best part of the race: The finish, when all the work is done.
• What’s special for you about the Dash? The entire event, as it’s a community event for runners.

Register early for the Dash for discounted prices and entry into a raffle with cool prizes from local businesses. Registration includes a commemorative tee-shirt, delicious lunch, live music, awards. There will be a silent auction. For more information and to volunteer, contact: path@madriver.com