Solstice Seasonal Celebration Announcement - December 8, 2018

10 31 2016

Get Into the Valley’s Great Outdoors!
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Contact: Ned Farquhar, Executive Director

November 26, 2018

Solstice Season Celebration Scheduled for
Saturday, December 8 at Mad River Taste Place and Lawson’s
Finest Liquids Taproom

Waitsfield – The Mad River Path Association will hold a brilliant, fun seasonal celebration from 4:30-7:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 8 along the Hosford Heart of the Valley Trail, where new walking and biking facilities are creating access to businesses and natural areas in Irasville.

“We have a lot more Hosford Trail improvements ready for 2019, from the Farmers Market area all the way down to the Waitsfield Elementary School,” said Path executive director Ned Farquhar. “We invite our members and the public to join us to catch up on the Path, to join the organization, and to enjoy food, fun, and festive frolic.”

Last year’s “Party with a Purpose” attracted about 150 guests who enjoyed outdoor fire barrels, a beautiful snowstorm, a raffle for a basket of local products provided by Taste Place vendors, and good times with friends and neighbors.

This year’s party, enhanced by the recent opening of the Lawson’s Finest taproom, will start at the Taste Place around 4:30 p.m. Every attendee will receive a free raffle ticket and discount coupons for 30% off food and $5 drafts at The Blue Stone that evening, and a coupon for a free movie ticket at The Big Picture Theater for anyone who gets dinner there on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening of the following week. The raffle drawing will occur at 5:45 after a brief presentation and Q&A about the Path. People who renew their membership or join the organization, or make a year-end donation, will get three extra raffle tickets.

The Taste Place is a market full of local food products. At last year’s Party with a Purpose, vendors showed off their wares and spoke with attendees, many of whom had also shopped during the Saturday offerings of Valley Arts’ Country Christmas.

“We are about walking, especially in the Valley’s Great Outdoors,” according to Path Board President Laura Brines. “Rain, snow, or shine, it is such a joy to get outside here in the Valley.” Thus a “Pedestrian Parade” will ensue at 6 p.m. on the Hosford Trail paths and boardwalks leading to the Lawson’s Finest Liquids taproom. The route will be lit by seasonal “Lawson luminarias,” a northeast rendition of the historic southwest tradition.

The Path Association and Lawson’s Finest plan to keep the new boardwalk connecting to the taproom clear of snow. Attendees can also drive over to the Lawson’s Finest parking area if they are concerned about darkness or icy ground conditions. “If you plan to walk, you might plan to bring a flashlight, although the Lawson luminarias will also brighten the way”, said Farquhar.

At the taproom, guests can get a beverage and light fare, enjoy the firebowls on the outdoor beer garden and deposit a personal Reflections (2018) and Hopes (2019) cheer note that will be burned in a celebration box along with a Viking toast for a happy new year and peace. “The Valley sky has plenty of room for all those new year lookbacks and lookaheads,” said Farquhar. “And the taproom has a very good vibe down here on the ground.”

After 7:00 p.m., when the taproom closes, attendees are encouraged to stay in town for a delicious holiday dinner, supporting our local restaurants. The Blue Stone discount coupon can be applied only on December 8.

The celebration is coordinated with Valley Arts’ annual Country Christmas, encouraging local seasonal shopping and dining in the Valley’s main commercial center that stretches from the Covered Bridge District through Irasville.

“This is a wonderful time of year, a great opportunity to get outside, and an exposure to some wonderful local businesses and dining establishments, so please join us!” said Brines.

The suggested donation is $10, although there is no door charge. Every attendee at The Taste Place will be greeted with an envelope containing a raffle ticket, discount coupons, their personal 2018/2019 cheer note with the Viking new year toast, and information about the Path Association and the Hosford Heart of the Valley Trail.